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Maintaining your emotional wellbeing the Shinrin-Yoku way

Shinrin-Yoku We all recognise that being outdoors makes us happy. It may come as no surprise that happiness and well-being are important factors which help protect against mental and physical disorders. But did you know that being outdoors is actually scientifically proven to aid in improving many mental and physical diseases and can even mimic medications for those ailments? Researchers at King’s College London found that being outdoors, seeing trees and the natural sunlight, hearing birdsong, spotting the blue sky and feeling in contact with nature increases our feelings of wellbeing (1) . Numerous such studies has helped us understand that we have certain neurotransmitters that we need to keep in balance for our wellbeing, such as:  Serotonin – our “happy hormone” Serotonin is a natural mood stabiliser. Its effect in the brain could be considered a “starring role” in the body. Serotonin is that transmitter that is all about making us feel positive, energetic

The Race of Life (white privilege)