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OK or Not OK

The OK-not OK matrix The psychiatrist Eric Berne, conceived the theory of Transactional Analysis as a way of examining a person's relationships and interactions with others - “transactional” referring to verbal and non-verbal interchanges between people. Berne also came up with the concept of life script, referring to a set of childhood decisions made unconsciously, that were influenced by the verbal and non-verbal messages received and as an attempt to adapt to the environment at the time, in order to survive. Some of these messages, experiences and adaptive behaviour affect our perception and interpretation of the world around us. Life scripts can have a deep and unconscious effect on our adult lives and often remain fixed, even though they may have become ineffective or even damaging, unless considerable effort is made to change these beliefs and adapt to current circumstances. The aim of transactional analysis psychotherapy is to bring into awareness, explore, challenge