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Life lessons of the Chinese Bamboo Tree by

Life lessons of the Chinese Bamboo Tree  by   The story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree is one that provides us with great lessons.   When you sow the seed of a Chinese bamboo in the ground it needs to be watered regularly but, in its first year, you will see no visible signs of activity.   You need to continue watering it and nurturing it even though you will not see any noticeable growth above the soil in the second year. Even in the third year, it fails to sprout despite being cared for and tended to. You will be surprised to know that nothing happens in the fourth year either. You’re waiting for results, not seeing any evidence of progress. Can you imagine yourself doing the same things every day, not having any evidence that your efforts are having any effect? Then in the fifth year, within a few weeks, behold! Something miraculous and remarkable happens. We experience growth. Emerging from the ground, the bamboo plant rapidly grows to a height of over 80 fe